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Stainless Steel

For poolside, coastal applications or even full exposure we strongly recommend 316 stainless steel as featured in Barlow Tyrie’s Equinox and Mercury collections. 316 stainless steel offers a higher degree of corrosion resistance in harsh environments vs. 304 stainless steel found on most outdoor furniture. Anything less than 304 Grade isn’t worth buying! If it says “Outdoor Grade” without 304 or 316 next to it – DON’T BUY IT! 304 is a great material, it just requires a little more maintenance than 316 over the life of the product.
Equinox Chaise On Location - Barlow Tyrie
Mercury Serving Cart - Barlow Tyrie
Mercury Lounge Chairs - Barlow Tyrie
Quilt Lounge Seating - MamaGreen
  • Nothing says contemporary like brushed stainless steel. A finely crafted piece of stainless steel
    furniture truly stands out from the rest. There is no finish to hide behind, the workmanship is on full display.
  • Manufacturers: Barlow Tyrie, JANUS et CieKingsleyBate, and MamaGreen.