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Resin Wicker

It is by far the easiest material to maintain in any outdoor environment – no water spots, no drying, just hose it off and you’re done! That being said, all resin wicker isn’t created equal. Longevity is about the quality of the resin itself and how it will react to the sun over time. Dedon is far and away the leader in resin quality which is especially important in full exposure. Let us help you make the right choice for your specific usage.
  • Woven in numerous different styles and colors, resin wicker represents the height of outdoor furniture design.
    It provides the three dimensional feel of an upholstered interior furnishing, for the outdoor living room look,
    while possessing the highest level of weather resistance available.
  • All our resin wicker products are made from the highest quality polyethylene resin with UV inhibitors to
    provide years of maintenance free usage even in full exposure. All products utilize a powder coated aluminum
    frame for maximum durability.
  • Resin wicker is a great option for outdoor living comfort and durability whether you’re contemporary or traditional in taste.
  • Manufacturers: Cane LineDEDON, JANUS et Cie, Kingsley Bate, and Summer Classics.